A Sense of Sin (Dartmouth Brides Book 2)

A Sense of Sin (Dartmouth Brides Book 2)

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Titre:A Sense of Sin (Dartmouth Brides Book 2)
La langue:Français
Date de sortie:March 7, 2017
Nombre de pages:362 pages
Auteur:Elizabeth Essex
Editeur:ERB Publishing
Keyword Books:sense, dartmouth, brides, book

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The Ravishing Miss Burke has everything a young lady could want—beauty, status and suitors lined up just to beg for her hand. Until a blackmailer from her past holds her future for ransom.

Colonel Rupert Delacorte, Viscount Darling will go to any length to ruin the woman responsible for his beloved sister’s death. But the Ravishing Miss Burke is nothing like the icy murderer of his waking dreams—she’s nothing but a bluestocking with a shocking secret she’ll go to almost any length to keep. Even succumbing to his sinful seduction.
A Sense of Sin was originally published in 2011. This new edition has been revised and reedited.

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